Power Up Clubs 2023

June 26-30

What is a Power Up Club? 

A Power Up Club is a front yard Bible club that is put on by a trained team of volunteers from Park Alliance Church. Each club lasts 75 minutes and will be hosted by the owner of the home and/or other volunteers.

What happens during a Power Up Club? 

Games, snacks, skits, stories, and FUN!

Who is Power Up Clubs for? 

All children from k-6th grade are invited to attend a Power Up Club! Parents can stay and watch, or drop their kids off with contact information.

What time should we get to the club?

We suggest arriving 5-10 minutes before the club start time so that your child doesn’t miss any of the fun!

Where and when is Power Up Clubs? 

You have 4 locations and 2 times to choose from! We suggest choosing the one closest to your home, or come to more than one!

3pm locations: 

Park Alliance Church
7469 San Carlos Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33967

Unique Circle
19100 Unicorn Ln
Fort Myers FL 33908

6pm locations: 

San Carlos Park
9327 Mooring Cir
Fort Myers, FL 33967

Copper Oaks in Estero
Address upon request

What should my child bring to a Power Up Club? 

The club is outside in the heat, so have them wear comfortable clothes that can get wet, since every day is water day! They can bring a towel to dry off. Water and snacks will be provided each day.

Do I need to pre-register my child? 

Pre-registration is coming soon. If you do not pre-register, please provide your contact information when bringing your child to a club.

Who can I contact for more information? 

Erika Southam at (904) 699-5872 or erikasoutham1@gmail.com

What is the plan for if it rains?

If there is lightning in the area, we will bring kids indoors and call parents to come get their kids early. If it is a rain shower that will pass, we will use discretion on keeping the club going.

At the end of the week, Saturday, July 1st, the whole family is invited to Park Alliance Church for Power Surge, our free block party event from 10am-12pm. We will have water slides, free food, games, face painting, and more.