Park Alliance Church is thankful to you for supporting the needs of various people in our community. We appreciate your compassion and commitment.

Currently we have a need as we continue to support our community. Having worked with neighboring communities in our area for an extended period, we are now familiar faces to the parents who have embraced the opportunity for their children to attend various clubs and activities provided through the church. Unfortunately, they do not always have the means for transporting their children. Transporting these children requires more than one vehicle or multiple trips.

It is our desire to purchase a fifteen-passenger van to assist us in expanding our outreach to these neighborhoods surrounding Park Alliance Church. A van would make it possible to transport more children to and from activities, which would mean more opportunities to reach and support the families. For example, in the summer, our elementary children have movie days at a local theater, trips to water parks, the zoo, and pool parties just to name a few. During the school year we have Kid’s club (our Wednesday night program for children), Sunday School, Youth group, and other activities throughout the year on non-school days. The parents love the opportunities and events that keep their child busy in a positive way.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to our continued partnership with you in making a difference in our local community.

Church Van ($50,000 goal with $7,000 raised)